Wednesday, November 06, 2002

November 6, 2002

music: the disney channel
mood: tired, stressed, but overall pretty good

Well it is not as late as my typical postings. I am basically procrastinating because I am tired. I worked most of the day on writing my thesis. I started writing full-time as of today because I finished the last of my calculations yesterday- Yay! Last night, Don and Ken took Julie and I out to dinner for our anniversaries. The food was fabulous. I can't think of the name of the restaurant but it was on Monroe Avenue in Pittsford. A place set in the back so I never noticed it before. I went home this past weekend and had a great dinner with Renee. Thai food on Wolf Road- Yum! Then we went back to my house and she showed mom and me her pictures from Italy... can we say jealous??? I am supposed to be done with my thesis by Thanksgiving break, but somehow I doubt that will happen. I plan on having my first draft done a week from Monday (when everyone gets back from the CIC conference in Scottsdale). Well, I guess even if I get a job, I may be working nights on rewrites. I can't wait to be done. I have so many plans for after school is completely done. I can start seriously on my beading, reading, writing, exercising, etc. I was also thinking of starting a weblog (instead of publishing this for myself). And probably eventually redesigning my web site- again. I also can't wait to have a real job that I actually care about. But if for some reason I don't get one right away, I could maybe use a break anyway. I will get a normal bookstore or coffee shop job in the meantime... but I really do hope to get a real job so that I can start paying off loans, credit cards, car payments, etc.

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