Thursday, December 19, 2002

December 19, 2002

music: the loud refrigerator
mood: bored, unmotivated

I have so much work to do. It is almost Christmas and I still haven't made any major changes for the second draft of my thesis. I told my thesis advisor that I didn't want to work on the web site after December, so therefore, I am forced to get a "part-time style" job until I find a real job in my field- which is color science if anyone cares- and if you are an employer, here is my resume. There haven't been any more leads in the job hunt. I recently applied to Kodak, but I am not sure if that will pan out since I haven't heard anything back from them yet. Added to my ridiculously long list of things I have to do, that I am unmotivated to do are making changes to the paper on LCDs that we will be submitting to CR&A, making changes to the ART-SI web site, and figuring out some coordinates in the paintings we imaged at the National Gallery last week. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be in a much more motivated mood, and not be tempted to play too many games of Shockwave Tetris. Tomorrow night, I plan on seeing Drumline with Sue. I am sure many drum corps people are as interested in seeing this movie as I am... Then Friday, I am seeing The Twin Towers with the gang. I can't wait to see it if only for the music that is in it. The previews have the same song as the movie Requiem for a Dream which is an amazingly disturbing movie with a fabulous soundtrack. Oh, also, today Francisco showed me the trailer for 2 DVDs he just got (plus the trailer for the 3rd movie in the trilogy which isn't out on DVD yet). It was Koyaanisqatsi,Powaqqatsi, and Naqoyqatsi. They are a trilogy of movies that are just moving pictures, photos, etc, no plot just music... Phillip Glass, very cool... Bishop Kearney high school did the music from the first one for a winterguard show year ago and used the Scream blow up dolls in the show. That was back was Kearney was World Champion for several years... Monday I am going to apply at some sort of temp agency and that evening, Don and I are exchanging Christmas gifts, before I leave Tuesday to go home for Christmas... busy, busy, busy... oh, well, bedtime...

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