Thursday, February 28, 2002

February 28, 2002

music: the whirring of my computer
mood: headache

This is my first entry. I began it today because I can't sleep- again. I have been meaning to start this up for ages. The hidden link on my homepage has been there for months, with a link to nothing but a 404 error. I have a lot to say but I am bad with words, so if anyone out there actually finds this... well don't expect much or for anything to make any sense. The problem is that I think too much, but I can't do much with what I am thinking. For example, since I am in grad school, one would think my incessant thinking would do me good. But no. It distracts me from the work that I should be doing. Therefore, I never get work done- even though I have a ton of it at all times. I have a headache right now, and the itching on my elbows is acting up... stress much??? Of course, it is almost 3 am, I have to go to school tomorrow and stay til at least 5 pm for a meeting and then drive over 3 hours without falling asleep. I know I will get nothing done tomorrow because I will probably sleep late, get to school late, and get there just in time for everyone that I need to talk to about different projects to be busy. Then I will stay for the meeting, possibly go to MacGregor's like a good grad student should, and then drive. Listen to the Soggy Bottom Boys on the way, maybe? *Sigh* babble, babble, babble... Classes are over, finals ended today, spring break begins tomorrow, lasts for a week and a half, BUT being the good grad student that I am, I am going to come back Sunday so I can work on imaging for my thesis next week. (Also, this gives me the excuse to come back to watch the Six Feet Under premiere, since no one but me has HBO)... There are so many things that I need to do in my life and nothing will get started til I finish my thesis. The only thing that is related to my thesis that I want done in my life is to have something published. Just one paper before I graduate. Everything else will come afterwards. Like the novel that both my mother and I have both promised ourselves we would write for years. Like figuring out what city I will live in when I leave here. Like finding that perfect someone to make happy and that will make me happy... yeah, I know- I shouldn't be looking, it will come to me... blah, blah blah... Hmmm... there are lots of other things that I want to do. Okay, all done for now... gotta try to figure out how to sleep...