Thursday, December 19, 2002

December 19, 2002

music: the loud refrigerator
mood: bored, unmotivated

I have so much work to do. It is almost Christmas and I still haven't made any major changes for the second draft of my thesis. I told my thesis advisor that I didn't want to work on the web site after December, so therefore, I am forced to get a "part-time style" job until I find a real job in my field- which is color science if anyone cares- and if you are an employer, here is my resume. There haven't been any more leads in the job hunt. I recently applied to Kodak, but I am not sure if that will pan out since I haven't heard anything back from them yet. Added to my ridiculously long list of things I have to do, that I am unmotivated to do are making changes to the paper on LCDs that we will be submitting to CR&A, making changes to the ART-SI web site, and figuring out some coordinates in the paintings we imaged at the National Gallery last week. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be in a much more motivated mood, and not be tempted to play too many games of Shockwave Tetris. Tomorrow night, I plan on seeing Drumline with Sue. I am sure many drum corps people are as interested in seeing this movie as I am... Then Friday, I am seeing The Twin Towers with the gang. I can't wait to see it if only for the music that is in it. The previews have the same song as the movie Requiem for a Dream which is an amazingly disturbing movie with a fabulous soundtrack. Oh, also, today Francisco showed me the trailer for 2 DVDs he just got (plus the trailer for the 3rd movie in the trilogy which isn't out on DVD yet). It was Koyaanisqatsi,Powaqqatsi, and Naqoyqatsi. They are a trilogy of movies that are just moving pictures, photos, etc, no plot just music... Phillip Glass, very cool... Bishop Kearney high school did the music from the first one for a winterguard show year ago and used the Scream blow up dolls in the show. That was back was Kearney was World Champion for several years... Monday I am going to apply at some sort of temp agency and that evening, Don and I are exchanging Christmas gifts, before I leave Tuesday to go home for Christmas... busy, busy, busy... oh, well, bedtime...

Monday, December 02, 2002

December 2, 2002

music: the whirring of my computer (yes, again)
mood: okay, a little sick though

Considering I don't have a job, things have been pretty hectic lately. I turned in the first draft of my thesis a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I have been working on a paper for the PICS conference in May (the paper is due in January if I get accepted). It is pretty much done, but I want to see the comments from my thesis draft before I turn in my paper. Since my funding ran out and I don't have a job yet, I think I may be working on the ART-SI web site for a couple of weeks,as well as making changes to a paper on LCDs that we are submitting to Color Research & Application soon. Two weekends ago, we went to Don's grandmother's house for a combination Thanksgiving dinner/birthday party (for Don). His Grandma Bunny got us addicted to Skip-Bo. I used my new digital camera that mom and dad got me as an early christmas present. Here are some pictures that I took recently. The night before we went to his grandmother's house, we had a birthday party at our house for Don. I think it was pretty fun. I made lots of food, cause parties are my only excuse to cook cute little appetizers, etc. We had about 13 people here, which is pretty big for our small living room. For Thanksgiving, we went to my Dad's house where Anna made a great dinner and Don got to meet a lot of my family that he had never met before. We played lots of Skip-Bo while we were home in Albany. On Black Friday, he made me go to Crossgates (one of NYs largest malls). Not happy about that. I hate crowds and I feel clostraphobic. Then Saturday, on the way home from Albany, we met his dad and his girlfriend for dinner at Applebee's in Auburn. Then we played Skip-Bo with them! I have been spending a lot of time making jewelry and such for the Old Tyme Christmas in Weedsport (Don's home town). I am going to sell them there. I will have a table right in front of the Key Bank- come see me!