Sunday, January 19, 2003

January 19, 2003

music: myst exile III soundtrack
mood: tired from a long weekend

This was a long weekend. Friday I was home all afternoon after spending all morning at the doctor's with Don. Saturday, a friend of his came to visit from Weedsport. That night about 13 of us went out to dinner at this great pizza place that sells samplers of gourmet pizza. We had a get-together at our house afterwards with lots of games and drinks. It was great until we found out that a friend's car had been stolen from our parking lot. Bad end to a great night. I am getting a few new addictions, including and not martha. I can't wait to be able to sign up for nervousness! I also want to revamp my web site sometime soon (although I have a feeling I won't have time for quite a few months). I want to add crafty sections and a real blog and such. I am excited but I need to get a few ideas and finish some stuff up for school (as well as finding a job).