Sunday, June 08, 2003

June 8, 2003

music: the Chicago soundtrack is playing in my head
mood: so so...

Well, it has been a long time since I last wrote. I moved to northern NJ to work at Pantone, Inc. (a color company for those who don't know). I am living with my aunt for now, realizing I can't find a decent place that I can afford without driving forever. I have seen 2 nice places of friends in 2-family houses, but they both had to go through a broker. It seems to be the trend down here. There is so much need of living space, you have to pay 1-2 months rent to the broker! This is, of course, in addition to the first months rent and 1-1.5 months security deposit! With rents mostly not less than $1000/mo, it is not cheap! So, I am here living rent free in one room of my aunt's place while my stuff still sits in Rochester. :-\ I am single, yet again, and hoping to meet someone and move on soon because it seems there isn't any more hope otherwise.... This weekend started out badly because of a sore throat and potential cold. It also ended badly. I was going down the steps at a friend's house and sprained my ankle tonight. It blew up like a balloon. To top it off, I almost blacked out. I swear I have never felt like that in my life. Everything started to go black (this was after I came back UP the stairs). Then when I sat down, I could barely hear what my friends were saying to me! It was so wierd! After like 5 minutes though I (not my ankle) started to feel better. I am icing it as I write. Earlier today I took the bus into NYC. It only took like 30 minutes and that was with all the stops. So I was in the Times Square/Garment district area until about 5:30 when I took the bus home. I came to realize when the Tony Awards started tonight that the stage I saw them setting up in Times Square was for Billy Joel's opening performance for the Tony's! I wish I had known!