Sunday, August 01, 2004

August 1, 2004

I just saw Garden State tonight. It was showing in one northern NJ theatre and four in the city. I went to the NJ one- about 20 minutes from me. It turns out most of the movie is set right around where I was watching it. I even recognized a building that I had passed on my way to the theatre. I think it is going to open at more theatres August 6th. I really need to get the soundtrack. The song in the trailer is great, but so are all the other songs in the movie. There was something about the trailer that made me know I had to see this movie as soon as possible. Why I didn't go opening night is beyond me. This movie is so me. I very often feel exactly like Andrew Largeman- that sort of floating through life type of feeling. Almost like I am waiting for something to happen- and of course I am. And people all having their opinions about what is wrong with you. I get this a lot. Just last night, my own mother came up with a new one. I admit when she's right, but this isn't one of those times. Sometimes I think she just spends too much time with crazy people.

I am also loving this new TV show "The Days". I started out watching it because I was curious about the name (obvious to those of you who know me or if you have looked close enough at my site). It is a pretty quality show. I mean it is no West Wing or Six Feet Under, but it is much better than the typical Sunday night stuff. The best part about it is the soundtrack. Unfortunately, I don't think a CD has been released (at least not yet). They play a lot of cover songs, most sounding very different (typically mellower) than the originals.

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