Sunday, December 12, 2004

Little Italy

Well, this is my first official entry on Blogger. I have been trying for ages to get this up and since I was on vacation this week, I finally had some spare time.

As for why I took a week-long vacation: I quit my job. That's right, I have finally decided to move on and find myself a new job. I am not going anywhere, though, at least for now. My new job is just across town from my old one and a couple of minutes closer to my house. As anyone reading this probably knows, I am not particularly fond of northern NJ. So why did I decide to stay here instead of moving away completely? Well, mainly because I am not ready to move on yet. I have some friends here, I feel like I just got here, and most importantly, it is just too much of a pain-in-the-ass to move. Also, the new job I found is great, or so I hope. I am very nervous, though, since it is research, which is like grad school. ...I start Monday.

Now that you are all updated on the major event in my life... on to other things. Tonight a couple of friends from my hometown called me from NYC. I met them there, had dinner at Jaiya, and then traveled down to Little Italy, where we gorged ourselves on sweet stuff (Caffe Palermo) and looked at the bright lights and hordes of people. There would be a picture if I had thought to bring my camera, which I never do, because I never think I will see anything new- I had never been to Little Italy before.

There are some hopes and expectations that I have for this blog. I hope to write semi-regularly. I hope friends and strangers will read and appreciate it. I expect some good and interesting comments! I have lots of new hobbies and interests (as always), so I hope to share them with you. Mainly, though, this blog is for me to get out my thoughts, to say things I might not or should not say to a person, but that I want to say. It is also a place to organize my interests, including blog's that I read regularly. So far, my blog links include Not Martha, who I have been reading for a couple of years now, and started reading because of her craftiness, and Breakup Babe, who I have only started reading since she was featured recently on Blogger's News. My links will grow, probably to include knitting pages and other places I want to "save". Netflix is there just as a placeholder- although I do love this service, especially now that they lowered the price!

Until we meet again!

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Anonymous said...

new job, you will have to tell me about this one. Plus we should hang out again some time soon. Let me know when you free, some time after xmas will work for me. Let me know. ....Garrett