Monday, June 28, 2004

June 28, 2004

I have realized that since I moved to this area, I have become much more fashion-conscious. I guess this makes sense since I now live 15 minutes from one of the fashion centers of the world. It is definitely a different way of thinking and dressing than I was accustomed to in the past. All of my friends here are very into the latest cute shoes, skirts, etc. There are definite trends more than I have seen elsewhere. Some friends from upstate came to visit me this past weekend. While sitting around talking at a cafe in the village, I pointed out a new fashion that is all the rage down here. Every other girl you see is wearing this particular 80's-updated-style skirt. My friends had never seen this style before or at least in this mass wearing of it, I guess. For the record, I do not own one of these skirts. I am glad, however, that I am with someone who can at least appreciate the efforts that women go through to look good (even if he doesn't actually care much about women's fashion). I did buy a $50 pair of jelly heels though (with matching clutch)... I would never have done this in the past. I also rarely go out in flat shoes anymore. I wonder if this means that I am becoming more superficial from living in this area, or if I am just taking more pride in my appearance.

Meanwhile this weekend, I had two surprises. First, on Friday night, an ex-boyfriend called me to ask for me back. I haven't gotten back to him on that yet... Second, sometime in the middle of night while I slept, I got an IM from someone that I haven't heard from in like 6 months or more. When I IMed him yesterday to ask what he contacted me suddenly for, his response was "no reason". So I figured, if there wasn't a reason, there wasn't a good enough reason to unblock him.

A friend recently told me she was forgetting what I looked like and asked me to send her a picture. I didn't have any recent ones at the time, so here is one that was just taken Friday...

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

June 8, 2004

Well I have finally decided to start this blog. Actually, I don't know if it will end of being more of a blog or an online journal. I recently passed the year mark of my move to New Jersey. I figured it was time. I realized I haven't looked at My Boot recently. Still no major changes. He has had a new chapter coming for ages. I first read My Girlfriend Hates My Futon years ago and it made me laugh hysterically. I think I'll read it again and see if it has the same effect. It is supposed to be almost 100 degrees here tomorrow. I am not looking forward to this since I haven't put my air conditioner in my window yet. Putting the A/C in means giving up fresh air in the kitchen. I still read Not Martha almost daily as I have for a couple years now. She is much craftier than I but I still like to see what she's up to. She moved to Seattle recently and I am jealous because I miss that part of the country. I should take a trip back to Portland sometime soon.

I wish I could find an excuse to buy this rug. I love it but I have no space for it... and it's so cheap!

I am looking forward to the weekend. Specifically, the end of it...