Friday, February 04, 2005

Latest Projects

I was thinking of taking a class at Knit New York to learn to make socks. They have a Sox & Lox class occassionally on Sundays. But then I started to try to knit a sock on double-pointed needles last night and so far it's going well! I may not need to take the class (or maybe I should for the social aspect of it). I also recently finished a mitten that came out waaay too big for me. It fits my "friend" well but he would never wear a mitten (even if I did actually bother knit the other one). Oh well. At least I am learning new techniques. I will have pictures soon of the striped scarf, the mitten, the sock (in progress) and the shawl I am knitting for my grandmother (also in progress) if I ever get the motivation to take out my camera (hopefully this weekend).

Ok, well, now that I have begun to sound like a total dork, on to other news. I am going to Orlando for a meeting in a week and a half with my boss. I am also due to go to London in May and Scottsdale in November for similar meetings (as well as a conference after the meeting in Scottsdale). My boss won't be joining me after the first time. So, I guess with this new job I will be seeing more of the world than I normally do. I wonder if there will be any free time for exploring...?

I just got the Damien Rice CD "O" with The Blower's Daughter on it (from Closer, for those that don't know). That song is just so haunting, I love it.

Now I am debating about going to Wegmans (yes, again). I am exhausted, but starving! Maybe I'll go tomorrow... Also looking forward to watching Ray this weekend. I am also being made to watch Alien... Netflix is a good thing.

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Maura said...

Ellen: Due to snow my lab is cancelled tonight: yay!! So I'm checking out your blog.

I have to agree with you RE the Damian Rice. That CD is awesome...beautiful! In fact, i'm going to find it right about now & listen to it. I think I have another one by him as well, do you want a copy?