Thursday, April 14, 2005

Making Progress

I am resolved in the fact that I will probably stay in my apartment for a while. I actually like this neighborhood a lot- it's quiet, friendly, and close to everything. I rarely see my landlords (who are my downstairs neighbors), I chat with the neighbors occasionally, and the tiny lawn we have seems to grow roses and grass beautifully each summer. So, since I have decided to stay a while longer, I bought a desk and figured out a way to stuff a bunch of the ancient furniture in the closet (I can't throw it away since I don't own it). It feels so good to come home to a much less cluttered living room. This may end up being a bad thing since I will like to stay home even more than I already do. But- warm weather is upon us! I have already started taking walks again.

At work, I seem to be finally making some progress, even though I don't have an official project. There is less boredom, and I am learning a ton about device profiling. I will become a color management expert before long!

In other news, it seems I might be getting back into web design temporarily. At work, our resident artist/movie buff wants me to create a website for his art- hopefully, I can do his work some justice! Preview some of his work at Reminisce Antiques & Collectibles before I get his site up and running.

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