Sunday, September 04, 2005

At The Zoo

I thought my weekend was going to be ridiculously boring since I have 3 days off and absolutely nothing to do and I didn't want to spend much money. Well, I did my usual grocery shopping on Friday night, so I didn't end up spending the majority of my Saturday on that. So Saturday, I ended up shopping in the city (more like browsing) and spent a surprising small amount of money, which was good. That was after a great breakfast with my man. I invited Mom down and we went to the Bronx Zoo. Turns out that with the little traffic there was, it was only about 20 minutes away! My favorite animals there were the monkeys (all types) and the snow leopard. Anyway, one more day for my not-so-boring weekend. I am gonna relax and continue cleaning my house (which I had to do extensively last night before Mom came) and maybe get a pedicure. Hopefully, I will end up refreshed for work Monday. Hmmm... I think I will go browse Target tonight.

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