Sunday, September 11, 2005

Pretty Good, Relaxing Weekend

I am happy that I had a pretty good workout today, but not happy that I am apparently eating too much of the healthy foods I am eating. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for that. Also, I am looking forward to yoga-lates tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to Wegmans for dinner where I relaxed in a big stuffed chair upstairs and knitted. Friday night I had a nice night out in various parts of Manhattan with my man- from Tribeca and Soho, all the way to the Upper East Side.

Got a voice mail yesterday from a friend that has been MIA for several weeks. Thank god she called someone finally. We were all worried. I haven't gotten a call back from my return call, but hopefully we can catch up soon.

Congrats to my cousins who recently adopted a very cute pup named Remy, whose picture I was sent in a thank you note for the poncho I sent up to her.

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