Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Scottsdale: Day One

I arrived in Scottsdale several hours ago to 90+ degree heat. The hotel/resort is beautiful. My room has a large balcony overlooking the gardens. The Fitness Center is just across from my balcony also, so I don't have much excuse not to go. I only went for about 20 minutes tonight, though, before going to dinner and taking a walk. The courtyard, which I have to walk through to get to my room, has 2 lagoon-shaped pools, one with a slide. There's also a bar and restaurant and lots of small fountains by the pools. Out in front of the hotel there are huge fire torches and white, billowing curtains. Unfortunately, other than hotels and ,alls, there is almost nothing in this area within walking distance. I was looking for a drugstore, like a CVS and there wasn't anything like that at all- and I walked for quite a while. Not even the gas station that I saw had a market attached to it. I did find a cute little shopping area (other than the malls) near 5th Avenue. I plan to go back there. I still need to figure out what else there is to do around here, but I guess I have a while since I will be here for another 10 days, or so. I have early meetings in the morning so I have to get unpacked. Hopefully I will write more during this trip, but I will have limited access to the internet since it is expensive per day, so I won't buy it every day.

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