Monday, December 05, 2005

Update on Life

Not much has been going on, I just realized I hadn't posted in about 3 weeks.

I went home to Albany for Thanksgiving and had a good 8-hour shopping day with Mom on Black Friday.

Work has been okay, but I need a break (even before the week and a half of vacation I have after Christmas), so I am taking a personal day on Wednesday and looking forward to relaxing and shopping and maybe taking a daytime yoga class. The Holiday Gala is coming up and thank God that Ed is coming with me. Otherwise, I am not completely sure I could handle it. I guess it makes up for him going to Paris without me. The one thing I am looking forward to at the Gala is that there is a raffle for extra days off and money. I never win anything, but I guess I won't if I don't even try.

I have been working on my friends website and it is coming along and should be up soon.

I had lunch with a couple friends from my old job last week, which was really nice. It is always good catching up with people you enjoy talking to.

This week and weekend, I plan on making 3 recipes. I'll update on how they come out. I am making Fresh Fruit Tarts, Steel Cut Risotto, and Garlicky Mexican Chicken with Peppers and Crispy Polenta. I am very much looking forward to these.

Yesterday, I had a good day in the city with Ed.
We had breakfast at City Bakery on 18th, where they have great gingerbread cookies. Then we went to a few stores including West Elm, where Ed bought a table, and ABC Carpet & Home, where we couldn't afford anything, but it was a very cool store. We went to B&H, which was a nut house. Finally, we had dinner at Aura Thai on 9th Avenue, which is an exquisite little find.

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