Saturday, August 13, 2005

New Favorite Things

I have to get better at posting more often. Obviously I have been very lazy about it. Well, here's a quick post until I get a chance to post something longer.

I finally finished knitting the poncho for my cousin. It didn't come out too bad. The finished product was slightly modified from the pattern, but I like the changes I made. Hopefully my cousin will too. Picture coming next post. I have also finished 1 1/2 socks and am bored with the yarn, so I am probably going to start over with some new yarn- the socks weren't that good anyway.

I saw The Island today. Not bad, not bad. Then watched Closer again tonight- God, what an amazing movie...

New good-things in my life:
  • my new gym
  • the pb smoothie at my new gym
  • irish steel cut oats
  • sore muscles that I haven't felt in about 7 years or so
  • way too much yarn
The other good things/people are still around, but so are the not-so-good ones...