Monday, January 02, 2006

Holidays Are Over

I am glad the holidays are over. There is too much food around and everything's hectic. I am not happy that my vacation time is over though. I had about a week and a half off and got almost nothing done that I wanted to.

Some little tidbits:
- I finally finished A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.
- I am almost done with a scarf and learned to knit baby booties, pictures to come.

My New Year's Eve was okay. Ed and I took a drive to NYC for dinner and then just came home and didn't do much, which was okay with both of us. Last night we watched The Interpreter, which was pretty good. I bought the King Kong computer game, but haven't played it. We saw the movie last week and it was great. I shopped a lot the last few days with some of the money I got for Christmas, but I am sad because I lost a scarf at the mall that I really liked (and only wore about twice).

My kitchen is still a mess and I haven't cooked anything for weeks, nor have I been to the gym. Tomorrow night I am definately going. I wasn't sure if they were open tonight but if they were I missed my yoga class.

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