Saturday, January 28, 2006

Knitting Obsession

My obsession with knitting has grown. I recently had to purchase two large totes from the Container Store to accomodate the large amounts of yarn I've acquired. Treasure Island is going bankrupt and I added many sets of needles to my already large collection at their store closing sale. I now own almost every size, in every style (straight, double point, and circular of various lengths) of needle. Meanwhile, my knitting tools do not even fit in these totes, and they sit in a wooden basket on top of them.

I read articles about knitting, mainly on my favorite online 'zine, Knitty. I flip through, read, and, scrutinize the many books and magazines on knitting I now own, over and over again. All this and only about a year and a half of actually knowing how to knit. I look forward to the change of month when I know that the new UK-based Simply Knitting will be out on Barnes & Nobles stands, complete with a free gift. I have found all back-issues, but one (Issue 4), on Ebay.

While there are various knitting stores in very nearby Manhattan, my favorite is Saratoga Needle Arts in upstate NY. This store is owned by a nice woman named Cindy who is very helpful everytime I email her about if the store will be open on a given trip upstate. Knit New York is my favorite in the city so far, although I have yet to visit the newly opened Suss Designs and plan to do so very soon. I love that I can sit for hours and knit while drinking juice or coffee and shamefully eat a scone or other baked good that my diet forbids. Also, I usually get to stop at Garden of Eden on my way back since they are both on 14th street and I love expensive gourmet food that I can't afford but openly delight in. Purl Soho is nice too, but unfortunately too small. I wish there was a place to knit with big comfy couches, a la Barnes & Nobles.

The worst thing about knitting is the torture of wanting to begin a new project on that newly attained yarn when I have three projects already going with no end in sight and not even a pattern or idea for the use of the yarn. My knitting calendar - a free gift with my last Simply Knitting purchase - is full with project plans up through April, where I forced myself to stop. I know there are many people who experience the same agony because of articles and books that I have read and yet, I don't know anyone that currently knits (most of my friends make fun of the hobby). The only real knitter I know is my aunt who has quit since her arthritis can't handle it. I plan on making her some slipper socks soon. With the increasing popularity of knitting in Manhattan, you would think I would know many people who knit, but sadly, the pasttime's popularity has yet to reach New Jersey, at least for my age group and it is somewhat difficult to get to one of the many Stitch -N- Bitch groups that have formed in the city due to the ridiculous and frustrating traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel on weekdays.

I am eagerly awaiting the new Stitch -N- Bitch Crochet book that is being released February 1st and which I have pre-ordered from Amazon. Not that I want to crochet really. My grandmother taught me at about age 7 and I never got much past a single crochet. I tried making a scarf one and it rolled together and created a purse. I later found out from family, that my grandmother was the worst crocheter in the family. I should have gone to my aunt (who was the best at that, in addition to her knitting). But I figure, I liked the first two knitting books and want to supplement my collection and learn some new techniques for finishing off my knitting.

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