Friday, May 12, 2006

Clifton Park

I am in Clifton Park for the next couple days. My grandmother is out of the hospital and seems to be doing better. For the time being she is staying at my mom's house. They even brought her bed here. Mother's Day is Sunday but it will probably be highly uneventful since mom is working most of the weekend, and both grandmothers are somewhat out of commission.

I hope to visit Saratoga Needle Arts tomorrow. I have a survey that they sent me so I can save 10%. I haven't been in the area for a while, so I am hoping they have lots of what I need and stuff that the stores don't have near my house. I seem to remember a baby camel blend that was super soft on my last visit. On my way up here, I stopped by Woodstock Wool Company, but got there just about 20 minutes after they closed. Maybe I will try to stop by again on my way back on Sunday if I leave early enough. I am almost finished with the 2nd sock. I am just at the turning of the heel, which I had to pull out since I was paying too much attention to a Gray's Anatomy special on 20/20 instead of on my knitting.

On another knitting note, I am in the process of trying to felt the little clutch from One Skein. I think it is working even though the water isn't hot since the dishwasher was running right before I put it into the washing machine. I think I am going to try to finish tomorrow when there is more hot water in the house.

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