Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Too Much Yarn

This weekend, when I went to Clifton Park for Mother's Day, I bought way too much yarn. My stash seems to be growing exponentially. I went back to Saratoga Needle Arts where I bought a bunch of single skeins for small projects, including Karabella's Camissimo, which is made from baby camel hair and fine merino wool. It is unbelievably soft.

On the way back down here, I stopped at Woodstock Wool Company, where I had a nice long chat with Paul, one of the owners, about knitting, and yarn, and business. It was my first time there, and it is a big store, like Suss Designs in NYC. There, I purchased a bunch of Rowan yarns, a Rowan book (all on sale!), and some of the store's own 100% alpaca yarn.

Paul told me I absolutely can't miss the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival and to check out KnittingHelp.com. Also, I am looking forward to the possibility of going to the TKGA Conference in July in Pennsylvania.

Tomorrow, I have a day off from work (yay!) and am looking forward to a day in the city, and my knitting group possibly in the evening.

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Anonymous said...

That would be knittinghelp.com!