Friday, July 28, 2006

Finishing Things

Tonight I finished three projects that have been hanging around for a while. First, I finished the shell crochet tank top, which came out quite nicely. I will post a picture tomorrow hopefully. Second, a knit tank top that came out too terribly to post a picture. And third, yet another [copper-colored] alpaca & silk pouch from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

I am in progress with several projects that are going slowly- some of which may never get done. A dog sweater, a stocking, a scarf (half-done with this one), and a rabbit (which I will be starting tomorrow). I have a couple other projects that I also need to start in the very neaar future.

I am very sad that C is leaving our knitting group. She has been coming as regularly as I have since I joined in February. I am sad to see her go, but I wish her luck in DC (where she gets to be near Stitch DC, which I hope to visit someday).

1. I just finished watching Dr. Strangelove, which has been on my "list" forever.
2. I decided to fly to Maine to meet mom for the Lobster Festival next weekend.
3. I have been getting more ridiculously good deals at the going out of business candle sale near work (they keep adding new stuff).

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