Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ignoring the Really Important Stuff

A few unrelated things:

I signed up for a brief class so I could get something done easier at work. Hopefully I will only have to take the first part of the class to do what I need to do, instead of having to pay for the "sequel" class. It starts tomorrow night for 2 weeks.

I am very much looking forward to the Knit & Crochet Show this weekend. I am going with my knitting email buddy who lives near Philadelphia.

The Knottie Knitter has been blogging about the Pacific Northwest. Seeing a picture of Leavenworth made me miss that area very much. I lived in Vancouver, WA (just across the river from Portland, OR) for a few months way back in 2001. I loved it there and wish I could go back. During my stay there, I visited a different place almost every weekend, and on the weekends I didn't travel, I spent my time in Portland. I loved Leavenworth. It is an adorable little Bavarian town, near Wenatchee that I traveled to one weekend. I think it took me almost 5 hours from Vancouver and you have to travel through a beautiful, desert-like Indian reservation to get there. I remember Wenatchee being beautiful, too. I stayed there when I visted Leavenworth. It is surrounded by brown mountains. I think that was where I saw Chukar Cherries for the first time. Now I see them in the gourmet food shops in Manhattan, and occasionally order them off the website for gifts. Anyway, I wish I had been knitting when I lived out there. I have heard there are some great yarns shops in Portland.

I really want to see Water. I found out it's the 3rd in a trilogy. The 1st movie, Fire, I have seen. The 2nd movie, Earth, I have just added to my Netflix queue. The 3rd I hope to see in the very near future.

I wish my crochet halter top was moving along a little faster. I hope to wear it to the show this weekend, but I doubt that's gonna happen. I also want to start on some of the things on my On the Needles Soon list (see sidebar). I also wish someone had an answer to my question over at the Handknit Holidays Knit-along.

I had a nice long chat with my brother yesterday, who I almost never get to talk to. And an email from my sister. I am sorry for the loss of her young kitty.

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