Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Saturday

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article in Domino Magazine about painting-a-day artists called Forget Galleries, Think Blogs. One that was mentioned was Duane Keiser. I love his pictures, most of which are postcard size, but they are really expensive (contrary to what the article said). When I get a new apartment, I may buy something like these to place in groupings on the wall. Another two painting-a-day artists that I really liked (when I googled painting-a-day) were Postcard from Provence and Karin Jurick's Original Paintings.

I saw two movies today. First, I saw Woody Allen's new film Scoop in the theatre. It was even better than I expected it to be. I love most of Woody Allen's films anyway, but this one was really great. New York Magazine wrote a pretty good article on it called And God Created Scarlett. The audience around me also seemed to love the movie with all the laughing and the comments I heard afterwards. This is my favorite quote from the movie:

I was born into the Hebrews, but as I got older, I converted to narcissism.
-Woody Allen as Sid Waterman

Right now, I am watching Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. I had no idea that the TV show I watched as a child was a spin-off from this. I have heard of this movie before but never had the chance to see it. Ellen Burstyn is great in Alice's role and there are a few actors that also played in the TV show (Mel, the diner owner, for example). I also didn't know that Martin Scorsese directed it.

Here are the pictures I promised of my latest creation: a coral crochet shell halter top with yellow trim. I also added a detail picture of the trim, which is a double chain edge, also called bicolor cable edging:

I bought a new knitting book today, For the Love of Knitting: A Celebration of the Knitter's Art. I have read a couple chapters, all of which are written by various famous knitters. The following is a passage that I love because it kind of encompasses Betty Christiansen's life and how knitting fit into all of it. I can definately relate to most of this, as I am sure most knitters can.

In the years that follow, I knit through college breaks and on road trips with girlfriends. I knit myself together after a nasty breakup; I knit for a new husband. I knit for babies miscarried and babies born so robust my creations don't fit. I knit while plotting a graduate thesis; I knit to keep my hands from shaking as I watch the World Trade Center towers fall and wait for my husband to come home from midtown Manhattan. I knit sweaters that are photographed for magazines, I knit hats for Afghan refugees, I knit socks for my entire family. I knit to soothe myself; I knit when I feel lost and need some mooring; I knit when I am depressed and need some hope. I knit on the phone and in gossiping groups, but most often, I knit in silence, hypnotized by the waltz of yarn and needles, keeping time with the orchestra of thoughts in my head.

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