Friday, July 07, 2006

Site Down

I have a bunch of things to post about, but unfortunately, most things have pictures to go with them and my own web site (where I also host my pictures) is down.

I guess I will post those later. Last weekend (Independence Day weekend) was pretty nice. I went to Coney Island on Saturday for the heck of it (since I had never seen it before). I went to the NY Aquarium - pictures to come. It was nice but would have been nicer if I had someone with me.

Since I was already out that way, I went a little further to Queens to check out Smiley's Yarns. When I was leaving the store, I saw a kid on a bike get hit by a car! He was okay (at least on the outside), but it was shocking! I turned my head to look (after I heard the awful noise) and saw him (and his bike) flying through the air.

Monday night I went to a BBQ at a friend's house (where we have also been knitting lately). Great food (as usual) and I got to meet a bunch of nice people.

Yesterday, my mom came down to visit and she and I went into Manhattan. We first got some tickets to a show and then went over to the Central Park Zoo, where we had lunch at the Leaping Frog Cafe. My mother said her hotdogs were the best she'd ever eaten. There was a really great polar bear there - I'll post a picture. We went to see Phantom of the Opera, which mom had never seen before and I saw in Toronto about 16 years ago. It was pretty much the same as it was back then. The voices were amazing.

We stopped over at Purl Soho to get some yarn for a project mom wanted me to make. She wants me to make the bunny from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for a friend of hers who is pregnant. I also recently bought the yarn for an argyle dog sweater that she wants me to make for a friend of hers. While we were at Purl, I also bought some great Lorna's Laces sock yarn that is specially dyed for the store.

When we got back to NJ, my aunt and grandmother had already eaten, so I took my mom to The Petite Cafe, where I once went with my knitting group. They specialize in stuffed cupcakes (I took two home). I had a great shrimp dish and mom had filet mignon. Both were huge. They also gave us complimentary champagne to celebrate the restaurants five year anniversary.

All in all, I guess the last two weekends were pretty good.

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