Friday, July 21, 2006

Various Topics

I have various topics to blog about tonight because I haven't done so in over a week. I have other [not ready or can't blog about them] topics that have been consuming me. Some are the same as for several months, others from only the past few weeks, and still other from just the past few days. Anyway, on to what I can blog about tonight...

I attended the Knit & Crochet Show in King of Prussia, PA with my email knitting buddy last Saturday and we had a great time. I bought far too much yarn and accessories, including one of the knitting bags that I have been eye-ing for a while. I was sad that there were no Jordana Paige knitting bags there, but I think I really like the one I got anyway (from Offhand Designs). I also got a circular needle case from them, as well as a Lantern Moon size 7 (they didn't have my most commonly used 6's) circular needles to add to it. In the picture below, you can see the bag, case, and only a smidgen of the yarn I bought (in addition to a few patterns).

Among the yarns pictured: Koigu wool sock yarn, Steadfast Fibers wool and mohair, Heavenly Alpaca (and silk) laceweight yarn from Nash Farm in Alaska, and a couple of other wool/silk yarns that came with pattern kits. In addition to these, I purchased 1500 yds of Duet kid mohair/wool yarn from Brooks Farm Yarn in Texas red (enough for a sweater) and one skein of the same yarn in a beautiful jewel-toned teal color (for a project yet-to-be-determined).

It was great to hang out with my email knitting buddy for the day. That evening when we got back to her place in Bensalem, PA, she and her husband cooked a great meal. I really enjoyed catching up with her husband too. I have known him for years (he actually took me to my 9th grade dance), but the only time I get to see him is in passing- usually at an event for one of his sisters (weddings, parties, baby showers, etc.), so it was nice just to have a long conversation with he and his wife.

I did begin the dog sweater for my mom's friend's dog, which I am very worried will be too big for a sweater once I finish. This is the same sweater that I had seriously contemplated knitting for my ex's pug, but never got the chance. It is a great gray argyle sweater, shown below, along with the magazine the pattern is from.

I am very close to finishing the shell pattern crochet halter top from one of Paton's pattern books. I will post pictures when it's done. I have several half-started projects that I really wish I had time to work on.

I have added new links at left for various blogs, a new online 'zine called Spun Magazine, and a couple of new knit-a-longs (KALs).

Now on to various NON-KNITTING NEWS:

Congratulations to MM on her recent (very surprising) wedding and baby announcement. The dress she wore (which looked crocheted) was so simple and gorgeous.

The heat here in the NYC metro area this week has been ridiculous (especially the 100+ degree temperatures earlier in the week). Parts of NYC have been out of power since MONDAY (note that it is now Friday night)!

I watched March of the Penguins, very cute, very informative, and great with Morgan Freeman as the narrator. I did also get Earth (blogged about in my last post) from Netflix this week, so I will probably watch it tonight or tomorrow. I want to see it before I see Water, hopefully soon. I also hope to see Lady in the Water this weekend.

There is a company very close to my own that is moving to Seacaucus and is therefore having a ridiculous sale in their warehouse. They are a gift company mainly specializing in candles and related items. I have already bought a bunch (super, super, super cheap) and they are putting more out the next two Mondays. I can't wait to go back and see what they have. Most of what I have bought will end up being gifts for my family for Christmas and birthdays.

After making a great orzo salad with tomatoes and feta (a recipe from a friend and his girlfriend that I got after they had a BBQ serving it), I had lots of feta and cherry tomatoes left, so I chopped them and added them both to my usual favorite at-home-on-the-weekends breakfast, polenta and egg whites. Let me just say YUM!

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