Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another Day in Manhattan

I spent the day in Manhattan, as I occasionally do, just for the hell of it... just because I have nothing better to do to occupy my mind. My Netflix movies are late this week. I should have had at least 2 of them by yesterday, and so I have no movies to watch. So, I decided to go to the city.

I slept in today and then woke and tried to figure out some options for what to do in the city today. I drove to SoHo to go to Vosges Haute Chocolate. They did not have the type with plain sea salt that I love, so I picked a couple other flavors that at least contained sea salt. The Barcelona Bar has hickory smoked almonds, grey sea salt, and dark milk chocolate. The Goji Bar has Tibetan goji berries, pink Himalayan sea salt, and dark milk chocolate.

Near the chocolate shop, I was surprised to see a man creating and selling polaroid transfers. This was at Wooster and Spring Streets. I first learned to make polaroid transfers as a 10th grader in high school photography class. I also did a couple different forms of this in college, either in Photo I or Historical Imaging. We did this the traditional way by rolling the polaroid chemicals onto paper, and also by soaking the polaroid, scraping the image surface, and then placing the delicate image onto another substrate. The man was, of course, doing the traditional type that many photographers learn at some point.

Next, I walked towards Broadway, debating about whether to go to the South Street Seasport Festival, and decided against it when I got sidetracked. I visited a couple of my favorite stores, like Anthropologie, and then found Pearl River Mart on Broadway. I was once told I should visit this store, but for some reason I thought it was further south, on Canal Street, so I was surprised to find it. I bought a couple of trinkets and hope to go back when I have an apartment I can decorate (along with Anthropologie and West Elm).

Pearl River Mart, SoHo

Once it was getting to be 3pm, I thought maybe I should get some tickets for a show, so I took the subway up to the TKTS booth (the temporary one on 46th) and got tickets for The Wedding Singer. While I was waiting for showtime to come, I took a cab up to String Yarns on Madison between 78th and 79th. They had some lovely knitted things on display, including a very colorful mohair striped scarf with a border that I loved. They also had a baby blanket that was made with a skein of $280 cashmere yarn. Even though they were having a sale, I refrained from buying
anything. I think this is the first time I have walked out of a yarn store empty handed.

Mural at Spring Street Station

I took the subway back down to the Theatre District and ate a light dinner at Cascina Italian Restaurant at 8th and 45th. I had a small crab salad and a very light tiramisu.

After the show, which I highly recommend, and which people younger than about 15 or 20 may not understand all of the 80's references, I took the subway back down to SoHo to pick up my car, but not before first stopping for a tart at Bruno's. The bakery made me sad...

The Wedding Singer, 45th Street

Walking back to my car, I noticed a sushi place on Sullivan, which was downstairs, doesn't have a sign, and was actually open, that looked very good. I should go back sometime. I am surprised I never knew about this one since I frequent Sullivan Street, mostly because of Purl SoHo. Doesn't Purl look pretty at night? And notice in the bottom right, in the bowl of yarn, the very same ebony needles that I bought in Maine that are sticking in my tree root basket.

Purl SoHo at Night

And now I am home, still no new movies to watch, and so I am watching The Hours, one of my favorites.

"A woman's life in a single day, just one day; and in that day, her whole life."

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