Monday, August 14, 2006

Sore Arm from Knitting

So I spent the majority of the weekend knitting. On Saturday this consisted of watching several movies (V for Vendetta, Sidewalks of New York, and Agnes of God - all Netflixed), as well as Season 1 of Weeds which I bought on DVD. I love Mary-Louise Parker. Working on a lace blanket, which I have now ripped out several times, and am continually "tinking", has resulted in a sore forearm. And yes, it is now Monday and is even more sore today than it was Saturday night. Obviously, I have loosened up on my stitches on this project. Yesterday, I spent the day at the beach tanning and working on a hat (for an easy-take-along project) and finishing up a book that has taken me way too long to read. On the way home, I stopped at my usual spot, Something's Fishy, where they were out of the ice cream pie that I love.

I got an email from my knitting buddy and a few from my group planning this weeks meeting. I definitely can't wait for that since we've had a 2 week hiatus. I have spent the evening debating (as I do every month or two) if I should join Rowan International, as well as perusing Kim Hargreaves beautiful site. Any opinions on the Rowan club? Anyone else a member (in the US, at least)?

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