Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend in Maine

This weekend I met mom and her boyfriend up in Rockland, Maine for the Rockland Lobster Festival. We spent some time in Camden walking around and looking in the shops - more on that later. We stayed in a hotel just across from the festival, the Maine Lighthouse Museum (which we didn't get a chance to visit), and a restaurant called the Landings that we ate at Friday night. In Camden, I met a very nice little kitty who let me pet her for quite a long time while waiting for mom to come out from a shop (where she was buying a picture of a cat in a lobster trap). This kitty actually looks a bit like mom's cat, Debbie, in the face, now that I am looking at the picture. I bought a great cookbook, Dishing Up Maine, from the Smiling Cow. It has great pictures, stories, anecdotes, and recipes that I can't wait to try.

Kitty in Camden

My New Cookbook: Dishing Up Maine

On Saturday we went to the Lobster Festival, where we ate lots of junk food including fried dough for breakfast and fried oreos for lunch. For dinner, lobsters and mussels (3 lobsters for $33!, HUGE plate of mussels for $8!) and crab rangoon (from the thai booth - there seems to be quite a few thai restaurants up there- who knew?). We also played a few games, looked at some sea creatures, both alive and dead, and shopped, of course. Mom and I both bought Rich's Handcarved Root Baskets (picture of mine with yarn below), which are carved from Louisiana tree roots and are quite unique. At the art tent, we spent a long while looking at Cindy McIntyre's Images. She doesn't have a picture of this on her website, but my favorite is a pop art-type image of 9 sheep in different handpainted colors. Mom and I were thinking I should get it for my future (hopefully) yarn store.

Mako Shark at Lobster Festival

Ron Cowan's Garden Face & a Hanging Lantern

Boathouse in Rockland

We also visited the
Breakwater Lighthouse Saturday. While walking to it, we happened to meet up with a couple that mom had met on the sailing cruise which she and her boyfriend had met the week before. We had a nice long chat with them while walking the long way to the lighthouse (about a mile each way). I got a great shot of a butterfly, which took me like 10 minutes of waiting.

Breakwater Lighthouse, Rockland, Maine

Walkway to Lighthouse, Rockland, Maine

Aircraft Carrier, Rockland, Maine

Butterfly on Lighthouse Walk

On our way back home on Sunday, we stopped at Winter's Gone Farm and Alpaca Shop. Believe it or not, this was mom's idea (a non-knitter, although I did finally try to teach her a bit on this trip). She just wants to see the cute animals. And they are cute.

Random Sign at Winter's Gone Alpaca Farm

Alpaca's at "the softest farm in Maine"

Spinning Wheel and Yarn Winder at Winter's Gone Farm

As you can tell, we are well into the usual knitting section of my entry which I am leaving until the end (as I have been trying to do lately, so as to not bore [too much] the non-knitters that have been reading my blog lately [not that there are many of them, nor do I believe they read often]). I bought 2 skeins of alpaca yarn from the farm, made from their own alpacas. I also bought a cute little alpaca toy/figurine/whatever-you-wanna-call-it. The reason I bought it was two-fold: 1. It will be great in my mythical yarn store and 2. it is so soft (real alpaca fiber) that I can pet it until I get a cat. In Camden I especially loved the yarn stores: Unique One and Stitchery Square. I bought 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon to make the Booga Bag, 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk to make the scarf from the Debbie Bliss book of the same name, 3 skeins of Classic Elite Montera for the Evergreen Gift Bag from Handknit Holidays, and 5 skeins of Karabella Breeze for a Karabella blanket pattern.

My New Root Basket with Yarn Ebony Needles and an Alpaca Toy

On this trip, I finished the bunny (except for embroidering the face) for mom's friend who is pregnant. It won't be faceless very long. This is just like the last one I did but with pink ears instead of blue. I also started and nearly finished another felted clutch from One Skein. I still have to sew it and felt it. The camel hair scarf for dad is pictured too, as promised in my last post. I also started a blanket from Karabella Breeze (cashmere and silk) today.

Faceless Alpaca Bunny and Baby Camel Scarf

Started Blanket & Near-Finished Clutch

Today I was reading one of my usual blogs, Yarn Harlot, where she was talking about the fairy doors that are found in Ann Arbor, MI. These are very cool, IMHO. I would love to have a little fairy door in my house someday, maybe in my [currently ficticious] craft room. Check out Urban Fairies to learn more about them.

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