Saturday, September 23, 2006


I had a good night out with Provi last night at Diva's Lounge. Afterward, we had some good food at Cuban Pete's. It definitely wasn't my typical night out. Usually, it is hard for me to go out on a Friday night at all as a single. Somehow, I was convinced and had a good night.

I finally got my software issues worked out and was able to download the pictures from my phone of last weekend's Garden State Sheep & Fiber Festival. Here are some highlights:

The angora bunnies were so cute!

and fuzzy!

Alpacas... for more on them see this post.

Cute sheep- and look at the funny feather crown on the duck!

My email knitting buddy and I met at the festival super-early (before they had even opened) and waiting for the spinning class to start. It was delayed for quite a while but we finally learned to spin using a homemade drop spindle made with a CD on top. There's a tutorial on how to make one of these here. They gave us some carded white wool and showed us the basics. This was the first time that I didn't buy any yarn at an even like this. Instead it was replaced with the alpaca and wool/llama roving I bought to spin. I am halfway through spinning the caramel-colored alpaca roving. It isn't very even, especially since I barely know what I am doing, but I'll post a picture soon.

Only a few of the many animals are shown in the pictures above. Besides the obvious (sheep and alpaca, there were goats, and ducks, and roosters, and pigs, and even a very large turkey. I had pictures of most things but they didn't come out clear on my camera phone. They were selling lots of angora bunnies for about $50-$65! I wish I had room for one in my apartment! I have heard they can be litter box trained and that you can spin their fur with them sitting in your lap. How cool would that be?

Anyway, my buddy and I had a good day overall. And the lamb stew was amazing... it seems like there is something wrong with selling lamb stew at a sheep festival only about 20 feet from the animals, but it really was good.


Kirsty said...

Nice lace (above)! Yes, we were definitely in the same spinning session--I was way over at once side behind my 10-year-old. He has been spinning madly ever since--and I haven't had a chance to get to the spindle. We're signed up to learn spinning with wheels in November though . . .

Provi said...

I had a GREAT time with you on Friday night!!! :o) It was very eventful!! lol !! I really do hope u had a nice time though :) im sorry about my glasses escapade! Thanks for being understanding :) Cuban petes was yummy ! I called Diva Lounge but they hadnt found my glasses. :( So it looks like they really are gone :( I dont know why....but I really have this weird feeling that one of the men took my glasses during the event...I dont know why, but its totally possible ! lol !!!!!