Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Fiber Weekend

I spent most of this weekend doing knitty things. Saturday I went to the Garden State Sheep & Fiber Festival. I will post about this as soon as I can get the pictures off my phone (long story). Sunday I went to the Knit Out in Union Square. I only got there towards the end of the day, but it was well worth it, if only to learn the correct (and very invisible) way to mattress stitch on both stockinette and garter stitch fabrics. I saw the end of the scarf contest. Lily Chin was there wearing her crochet dress that took her only 3 days to make! I believe she holds the title for world's fastest crocheter.

Lily Chin wearing her crochet dress and holding the grand prize scarf

Lily Chin and Me in Union Square

I stopped by The Point (I couldn't resist) and bought the new Stitch -n- Bitch calendar and a couple skeins of Rowan Tapestry. I think I will make a pair of Fetching for me out of this.

I think I really want to make
these socks now that I see how they came out in a different colorway than is shown in the pattern.


Provi said...

omg ellen i LOVE lily chin ! she's amazing !!!!! i love the links ! :o) also ! i checked out the link you had to alittleloopy, and i really thought it was hilarious and awsome that these women went to a knitting event at a baseball game !!!! it actually gave me an idea !! lol !!!! I should suggest the symphony sell group discounts to knitting groups and host events with them !lol !!! love the links :)

Cristina said...

that dress lily made is AMAZING!! i want to make some snotty comment about how she needs to get a hobby (because surely she's spending too much time on this) - but i'm pretty sure that would only come out of total jealousy!!