Thursday, September 07, 2006

Finished Fixing Things

Well, after totally f***ing up my template, I have fixed things here and I think they are back to normal with a few minor improvements. I like my simple design (if you can call it design), so it killed me to have to choose one of blogger's templates in order to fix things. I am in the process of figuring out if I can transfer my old non-blogger posts here and have them be dated correctly.

I have added a gallery of my FO's (see sidebar). I have only been knitting a couple years and some of my early knits aren't worth posting, so this is everything either really new or old, but somewhat worth posting. I plan on adding project notes as much as possible to the gallery also. Anything new, I plan on posting here first (with notes), as well as in the gallery.

I found out that Classic Elite Charmed is not discontinued, as many yarn shops in NY, NJ, and even Maine thought it was. I emailed Classic Elite after seeing it on their site and they told me that String Yarns had it. Well, I was just there like 2 weeks ago and they didn't have it, so I emailed them. Turns out, they just got a shipment in. Well, I looked online and it turns out that this yarn that I have been looking all over for is $29.95 per skein! Now granted, I only need 4 skeins for the tank top I want to make from HandKnit Holidays, and granted, it is cashmere but that's $120! I really like Karabella Breeze, which is cashmere and silk, that I have been knitting the lace blanket with, and it looks like it might be a good substitute (about $12 per skein where I found it in Maine)... or maybe I'll splurge when I get closer to actually having the time for that project.

I was telling my knitting group about a couple of the male knitters that have been on Knitty. One of them recently had a debate (through comments on their blog) about if it's okay for men to knit...

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