Sunday, September 24, 2006


It is actually hailing outside. This wouldn't be so weird if it wasn't 85 degrees outside today.

I am watching a really ridiculous movie that Weekend Knitting "recommended". Granted, they did say "better suited to teenagers than adults". It is about a kid who tries to keep his murdering hand busy. He does so in one scene by knitting... and then ends up killing a cop with one needle.

I went to Chelsea Market for the first time today at the request of my sister (who was deciding if she wants to visit it when she's in the area with friends). I got some yummy brownies at Fat Witch Bakery and stocked up on a few essentials. In one shop there were huge containers of spices, most for under $2! Even the bulk ones at Wegmans are that price for about 1/4 of the amount!

Chelsea Market

Cheap Spices at Chelsea Market

I also went to City Island, a part of the Bronx I had heard about. I wasn't too impressed with the lack of things to do there, but there is a nice small town feel to it, and a nice harbor view. There was a super cute house for sale. I was tempted to go to the open house being held today. The island was very small and the main road ends by just u-turning at the water. I had a cone from an adorable little ice cream shop.

City Island (photo from Chamber of Commerce Site)

Lickety Split Ice Cream Shop, City Island, Bronx, NY

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