Friday, September 01, 2006

Long Weekend

I am so looking forward to the fact that I have the next three days off from work. I have no specific plans, but I am sad that it will be raining almost the entire time because it limits my choices. I have been thinking of going to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market after seeing many people mention it as a source when decorating their tiny lofts and apartments. I think Apartment Therapy might be my new web addiction at least outside of knitting sites.

I was sad when Chow Magazine got discontinued from print. My subscription was replaced by Intermezzo (sooo not in the same league). Their new website (beta version) is up that they are replacing the print magazine with.

A new member of our knitting group, Provi, has gotten me thinking about winterguard again. It is a rare person that understands and appreciates it as much as she does without ever having been in one herself. Now I am finding myself looking for the DVDs of the last time I was in guard, specifically, Patriots, Life is But a Dream, 1998. [Random Fact: If I remember correctly, our score at finals of 99.05 was the highest ever for an Independent Open guard at the time, which is pretty cool - and I am obviously a little proud.] WGI tells me they will all be on DVD eventually (only World Class is on DVD now), but that copyright problems make it a slow process.

Provi also turned me on to this artist.

I got my package from The Loopy Ewe the other day. The owner, Sheri, is so nice. Their shipping was super-fast, so I didn't expect to get it the day I did. I got a couple extra skeins for my email knitting buddy. Had she not suggested I check out the site, I wouldn't have won their Grand Opening Survey. I can't wait to knit more socks. I wish I were further along on my other projects (see side panel), especially the lace blanket and the wool stocking.

After I sent the yarn to my email knitting buddy, she called to thank me and we had a nice chat. We talked about the festival we had planned on going to (among other things), which I think we are both super-excited about: the 12th Annual Sheep & Fiber Festival in Hunterdon County, NJ. We also talked about the possibility of knitting matching socks from the Regia Crazy Color that I sent her (and kept some for myself). I am looking forward to that but both of us have way too many projects going until Christmas, so that may not happen until early next year.

sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe

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Provi said...

Ellen, Im so excited to meet someone who loves winterguard as well !!! I really want to buy the 2006 Color Guard Independent World DVD and particularly the 2004 Color Guard Independent World DVD because it features my favorite performance by Northern Lights. I was going to ask you if you knew of any other competitions going on during the year, because I get antsy waiting around for ohio lol. I found out that there are going to be regionals in south brunswick, nj on February 24, 2007, so I definitely want to check that out! You SO ROCK for loving winterguard!!! you're like my new best friend, i swear lol. :)