Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some Gray Things

I am joining the Grey's Anatomy KAL. Here are some of the things I will post on there (once I am fully signed up). I got this yarn from Woodstock Wool Company. It is their own line called bare alpaca. I am going to make a cable knit scarf with fringe - a free pattern I got when I bought the yarn. This yarn is sooo soft!

bare alpaca

This has been my travel project for a while now. I leave it in the car for when I am sitting in traffic or in a line or something. It is gray 100% silk by Debbie Bliss. It is the lace scarf pattern from the Debbie Bliss pattern book, Pure Bliss.

silk lace scarf

This is the start of Knucks that will be a Christmas gift for my brother.


Also, I think this is such a cute post by Melanie!

I so wish I had a super nice butt so I could wear a skirt like this. I would love to join this KAL!

intolerable cruelty

I am also loving the cable knit arm warmers in the 9/19/06 post of this blog.


Cristina said...

that yarn looks HEAVENLY!! great links in this post by the way...cant wait to see the finished scarf.

velmalikevelvet said...

thanks for the nod to my kal. sorry to hear that you won't be joining us, but feel free to visit and watch our progress, or visit my regular blog, velma's world. cheers!

ps and i love the yarn too!