Thursday, September 14, 2006

TV, Travel, & Knitting

I have lots of random (an mostly unrelated) things to write about tonight that I have been saving up until I had time to post.

First, I am loving the fact that Six Feet Under is going to be shown on Bravo beginning October 2nd. I wouldn't have known this if I hadn't been watching Project Runway at the gym (since I don't have cable). The finale to Six Feet Under is so amazing that it is worth watching all six seasons, even the bad ones. High Fidelity is coming to Broadway!

I love Provi's post on Installing Love.

I read an article in a magazine today about traveling to Peru. They mentioned a restaurant that serves alpaca! I didn't think people ate this kind of meat. I guess I should know that any meat is eaten somewhere in the world. See this post to see how cute alpaca are (too cute to eat)!

I am going to the Garden State Sheep & Fiber Festival on Sunday with my email knitting buddy. I am looking forward to hopefully learn to spin with a drop spindle! Unfortunately I am missing the Knit Out in Union Square! I have a feeling there will be more to do and see at the festival, especially if I learn to spin.

I can't wait to have the time and money to take a sewing class at Make Workshop. I have been wanting to do this, not only cause I think the idea for this place is great, but also because I can't even thread a sewing machine (they actually teach this in the basic class). I don't actually care much about sewing but I think it will compliment my knitting well, even if I only ever make a knitting needles holder or project bag or something.

A package came for me yesterday. My first issue of Rowan magazine plus my free gift with membership! I wonder who I will make this cabled and bobbled bag for?

Today I got an envelope from Knit One Crochet Too containing a generous amount of sample metallic yarn (merino wool and metallic blend).

I have been looking at a few more KALs. I will add them to my sidebar. I am not actually a member of most of these- only Handknit Holidays and One Skein. Most are just about projects I am interested in or that I plan on knitting someday (and possibly join the KAL at that point). Anyway, the knit alongs I was reading tonight were Mason Dixon KAL (I own and love this book), the Log Cabin KAL (a project from Mason Dixon that has its own KAL), and the Irish Hiking Scarf KAL. I have actually started a log cabin blanket (never joined the KAL) and am hating the colors and yarn I chose (a really ugly set of dark fall colored yarn in a chunky - and cheap - yarn). It was going to be for my grandmother for Christmas but that probably won't happen at this rate. I definately want to try a new log cabin blanket when I find the perfect yarn.

This Ebay store has a bunch of great patterns. I figured out how they did the colors for the Double Vision blanket using 2 strands. I created a diagram in Excel, but I am not sure if it would be breaking the author's copyright to post it. Hopefully I will get a chance to knit this one day. Actually, the author's of this blanket are "mathematical" knitters. They have a lot of cool designs.

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