Monday, October 09, 2006


I went back to Brooklyn this weekend for two reasons. First to visit Brooklyn General Store, and second, to take the pictures of D.U.M.B.O. that I had wanted to take a few weeks ago when I forgot my camera. I also went back to the Water Street Restaurant and the Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop.

At Brooklyn General, I got some fabric for the back of Wild Stripes, 3 skeins of Manos del Uruguay to make felted slippers (for my Uncle's Christmas gift- I am using a pattern from Knit 2 Together), and 3 skeins on Rowan Calmer that was on sale. The Rowan is a pretty dark purple color that I will use to knit the plain socks from the Rowan Calmer Collection.

Brooklyn General Store

In D.U.M.B.O. I walked through the park and some other places I bookmarked in my head to visit again with a camera. There were at least three different wedding parties being photographed in the park. I listened to live jazz music at the cafe and had a homemade ice cream sandwich from the chocolate shop. One of the things that I really wanted to take a picture of was a flying elephant painted on a large board on the side of a building. One would think this would be an obvious piece of art to save in a section of Brooklyn actually called D.U.M.B.O., but no, that would be too obvious.

Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Violin on Woman with Graffiti

An Abandoned Spanish Restaurant with Outdoor Seating

The lace blanket is finally done and will be gifted soon (pictures coming). It is a good thing that I decided not to do the last 3 repeats before starting the border. Here is the yarn I had left after finishing the border:

Definately not enough for 3 more repeats

The petal bib from One Skein was a one day project for my a friend's baby's Christening this weekend (I think it's okay to say this since I doubt she reads my blog). Knucks are making progress, but mainly only during Grey's Anatomy. My silk lace travel project scarf is also making progress. I am about half done with it, especially since I have been making several trips to the city lately. My 2nd felted clutch (also from One Skein), to be gifted at Christmas, will actually be felted this weekend since I am going to mom's house for a couple days (and visiting the good washing machine). I need to knit a flower for it since I can't find buttons, patches, or embroidery that I am loving.

Knucks (mostly knitted during Grey's Anatomy)

Silk Lace Scarf from the Rowan Pure Silk Collection

In other knitter's news, the new Vogue Knitting Holiday Preview is up, and the projects are beautiful. Brooklyn Tweed seems to be teasing us with his secret fair isle project, which is no doubt beautiful based on the yarn, his photography, and his previous FO's. I have not yet been added to the Knitting Blogs Ring.

I rarely write about work. However, I don't think I am saying anything to be worried about here. It has been a little better lately. A couple of things have been changing. A regular disruption has been removed , my future there has continued to be [blatently] hinted at, and things are generally more comfortable. All this in the midst of other opportunities. I wish other pieces of my life would fall into place as well.

Sadly, I just lost the football pool. I was so close.

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