Thursday, October 26, 2006

Patterns & Books

I can't wait for Stephanie Japel's new book Fitted Knits. I have admired her knit designs for a while now and I read her blog regularly. I have been wanting to knit the Simple Knitted Bodice ever since it was released, but with Christmas coming it isn't high on my list (since I would be knitting it for myself). But I love seeing other people's versions on the KAL.

Tonight I went to Michael's craft store to attempt to find something to use my 40% off one item coupon on that I got from the Knit Out. Most of the time I don't find much there. I don't often buy that type of yarn (although Paton's SWS is tempting me) and I figured if I could only use it on one item, I should buy something a little more expensive than any one skein of yarn would be there. They also rarely have any knitting books that I don't already have or that I actually want. But tonight I found Nursery Knits. This is such a cute book. For the few kiddie projects I have done, I have used either single patterns that I have bought or something from one of my many magazines (which I will soon be selling on Destash). But I am at that age where friends are pregnant or will be soon, so I thought I should have a book of cute baby/kids patterns. My favorite in this book are the kitten and puppy sweaters, the ducky outdoor snuggle, and the zoo toy bag.

I have also looked at Cables Untangled a couple times since it came out. It is tempting me, but more because of the 2nd half of the book which has so many beautiful cable motifs. They are even better than many of the ones in the patterns section of the book (although there are a couple of patterns that I wouldn't mind knitting either). I am more into lace than cables right now though. I say this only a few days after having started the Frost Jacket (which is somewhat intricately twisted and cabled).

Unfortunately, I am still on the hunt for the perfect lace pattern. I think I mentioned this is another post. I love lace that is an all over very openwork pattern with a nice border. Specifically, I am looking for some sort of long rectangular shawl (not triangular). Anyway, I haven't found the perfect thing yet, and maybe I never will. I did design (on paper only) a few lace patterns months ago and haven't actually knitted them (not even swatches!) to see if I really like them. I might try that soon since I am not finding the perfect pattern.

I love the beautifully cabled socks that KnitAnon designed. I can't wait until she releases the pattern!

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