Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Last night's yogilates class kicked my ass! I am so sore it is ridiculous and I can barely move and it seems to only get worse as the night goes on.

Tonight was stitch -n- bitch night and I got a lot done I think. Besides getting advice on writing a proposal for work from some friends that I respect a lot when it comes to business, I also got about 15 rows on Wild Stripes done.

As for the Knucks that I have been working on during Grey's Anatomy, I am realizing I had the gauge completely wrong and they are somewhat tight on me. They were meant to be for my brother who of course has larger hands than me. So, I put the knuck on some scrap yarn for now and will start a new one next week. Eventually I will finish the cuff and knit a mate for this one and give it to a small handed person.

I would start the new pair this week during Grey's Anatomy, but I may have to miss the show this week (horrors!). I got a free pass to Marie Antoinette at an East Village theatre for the day before the opening of the movie. Of course, it is first come-first served, so by the time I get there after work, I may not even get in.

This past weekend was pretty busy. I visited the Dancing Goat Cafe in South Orange with a friend. This is an adorable little artistic coffee shop with live music on the weekends. I had no idea that South Orange was a nice place to go. It was a very nice area similar to Montclair or Saratoga and I am pretty sure I even passed by a yarn shop. I also went upstate for a friend's baby's christening, where I saw some old friend's, as well as my email knitting buddy. On the way back home, I stopped by Woodstock Wool Company, where I got some great Mango Moon yarn on sale. I was trying to be good since Rhinebeck is coming next weekend. I went in looking for Lavish Lace because I have been debating about buying it after seeing one of the patterns in the KnitPicks catalog. I decided it wn't worth it since there were so few unique patterns in it that I liked. I do love the way Shimmer looks in lace though. I bought some a while back and haven't found the perfect pattern for it yet (not that I have time to start another project before Christmas anyway). It is too beautiful to use for just anything.

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