Monday, November 13, 2006

Candle Flame & A Knitted Brain

I was reading Knitter's Anonymous where Cookie posted about the Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto, where I would love to visit someday. I especially like her picture of the knitted brain.

Anna at My Fashionable Life posted her recent FO, Sarcelle by Kristi at Knitter's Anonymous. Anna's shawl has a sad story, but came out beautifully. I had seen Sarcelle before on Knitter's Anonymous and liked it, but didn't love it at the time. Seeing Anna's version made me love it. Hopefully I will someday buy the pattern and knit my own. I think that what makes Anna's version so great is the yarn. She used Handmaiden Seasilk, as opposed to the Merino Oro called for in the pattern. I am not sure if it is the fiber difference or the fact that Kristi used a flat color and Anna used a variagated yarn. Either way, Anna's yarn brought out the beauty of an already beautiful pattern even more.

I am working on finishing up the snowflake stocking from Holiday Knits that I began months ago. I am halfway through the intarsia chart and a couple of inches from the top of the stocking. The only problem is that there is then several inches of mattress stitch to do, which I still have not mastered making invisible.

The finishing of the stocking and the thought of the inevitable beginning of the slippers have made me sick of Manos del Uruguay for the moment. Seeing Sarcelle only added to my need to start a new lace project, so I began the Candle Flame Shawl, which is a free pattern from KnitPicks. I am using the three skeins of Shimmer that I bought from KnitPicks back in August. I can't really believe this yarn is only $4.99 per skein. Isn't KnitPicks great? I bought it when I needed to fill a $40 order to get free shipping just to try it (yeah, I know, excuses, excuses). It is 70% baby alpaca and 30% silk and while it doesn't feel overly luxurious, it is very nice to work with and the knitted piece so far is very soft and cuddly. This sounds kind of strange when referring to a lace weight yarn, but it really is. Oh, and did I mention the colorways? They are beautiful. When I bought this yarn, I didn't have a particular project in mind for it. I was thinking of Clapotis, but then realized I had a whole skein of Brooks Farm Duet that I will most likely knit it with. I also have three skeins of Summer Ice Fine from Autumn House Farm that will eventually become something lacy too (bought at Rhinebeck).

Only a few Christmas gifts left to knit. The Frost Jacket (Knitting Nature) is shelved for now (in other words, I ripped it out and I won't get a chance to start it again before Christmas). The stocking and slippers will be finished (and started and finished) soon. There are still a couple unknowns. Maybe I will actually go to the mall... (*gasp*)!


Lisa said...

I'm impressed, and inspired! My Christmas knitting is lagging behind.

del said...

I know, KP is so great. Their Merino Style is softer than many more expensive yarns I've used.

Good for you for Christmas knitting--I gave up back in August, LOL.