Monday, November 06, 2006


I don't religiously read MagKnits like I do Knitty, but this month's issue is pretty good. Here are a couple patterns I really like (as usual this list is mainly so I remember to go back, as opposed to listing them for you, but enjoy anyway):

Coco: a cable knit lattice bag in the style of CoCo Chanel
Uniscarfity: uses the honeycomb brioche stitch

Okay, okay, so the list was shorter than I thought. Here's a few more MagKnits patterns for me to remember from the archive:

WhiteWater Wrist Warmers: lacy white wrist warmers
Snowflake: lacey socks
Snicket:honeycomb socks
Zombies Need Not Apply: wrist warmers
Calla: cable knit tank top
Durrow: a pretty cool guy's sweater
Sheer Poncho [pdf]: a pretty cool convertible poncho, hoodie, dress

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Jersey Shore Deb said...

Love your blog and your work! I seem to be unable to sign up to receive your feed in Bloglines. Do you know why?