Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sweater Curse

There is a new book that was just recommended to me on Amazon. It is just so fitting: Never Knit Your Man A Sweater (Unless You've Got the Ring) by Judith Durant. This goes back to the whole sweater curse thing (which, by the way, has actually made it into Wikipedia). Here's the description from Amazon:
Is he sweater-worthy? According to Judith Durant no man deserves a sweater until the relationship has progressed to the level of long-term commitment. It’s just too risky to put all that time and effort and love into a knitted garment for a man who might be long gone by the time the sweater actually looks like a sweater.

But knitters do want to make soft, warm things for the people they love — new boyfriends included. So what is the proper project for the it’s been-four-dates-and-we’re-having-a-great-time guy? The Dinner Date Scarf, customized with the colors of his favorite sports team, doesn’t scare him with thoughts of commitment but does give him something warm he’ll be happy to wear to football games.

Simple, shaped projects should be saved for more serious, exclusive relationships. Mittens, socks, and hats are all perfect for that semi-committed phase — they require a little more time and effort but can be quickly dropped if things don’t work out after all. Only when the ring is in hand should work begin on the merino/cotton blend Half-Zip Pullover, a classic, not-too-heavy sweater he will wear for years.

Knit items are excellent gifts for men; they just have to be given at the appropriate time. With Never Knit Your Man a Sweater Unless You’ve Got the Ring, Durant not only warns stitchers about appropriate project-to-relationship ratios, she offers 22 of the smartest patterns available for men’s clothing and accessories.
Now, recall that my sweater curse object was not actually a sweater but instead a scarf. Unfortunately, it was also a scarf that took far longer than most sweaters (especially for someone new at intarsia and relatively new at knitting at the time). Even though I know I will never see this scarf again, it doesn't bother me that I spent the time on it for him. I am not really sure why though. And realistically, there wasn't any tension over the scarf that caused the problem. I guess I just always think of it as one of those heartbreaking symbols of the end of a really good relationship.

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