Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

Last week before the holiday, I had to travel to Woodstock, VT on business. I rarely go anywhere for my current company, but I had to meet with a small paint company that is housed in a small farmhouse-type building on the edge of town, just up the road from the farmer's market. The town was very cute with its covered bridges and fancy colonial-style hotels and quaint B&Bs.

Covered Bridge, Woodstock, VT***

It took me about 5 hours to get there form northern NJ and I didn't get there until too late Tuesday night to see anything. On Wednesday, after breakfast at the creamery (best pancakes I've ever had) and my morning meeting, I strolled around downtown and spent at least an hour in the Whippletree Yarn Shop. I bought 6 balls of Rowan Wool Cotton for a project from one of Zoe Mellor's books (gift) and some scrap yarn (including 1/2 skein of Frog Tree Alpaca). I ate lunch at Bentley's, a very nice place that had Christmas ornaments hanging from their ceiling- the kind of place whose water is even served in high, straight tumblers with lime.

Bentley's Restaurant, Woodstock, VT

From Woodstock, it was only a 2 1/2 hour drive to my hometown in NYS, where I spent Thanksgiving with my mom, her boyfriend, and my grandmother. A very small occasion compared to Thanksgivings of previous years. It seems all the major holidays are getting smaller and smaller as I grow older. I hope to have a family of my own eventually to have old-fashioned holidays again. This feeling was enhanced by a trip to look at houses with my mom. She is thinking about the possibility of moving into a larger place when my grandmother needs more care. There was a group of "kids" (2 married couples?) who were definitely younger than me, looking at these same model homes as we walked through. This made me sad that I am not in that place yet.

Before making the trip back to NJ, I drove up to Saratoga to visit Saratoga Needle Arts where I finally found a nice substitute for the $30/skein Classic Elite Charmed that the tank top in Handknit Holidays calls for. I bought Plymouth Suri Merino, made of alpaca and merino wool, at only $5.50/skein. The color is beautiful- a dark plum- and I have a feeling the drape of the yarn will make a nice substitute for Charmed (not that I have time to start this project anytime soon). I also bought Berroco Ultra Alpaca for the Brea Bag and Southwest Trading Company's Infinity soysilk for a wrap from last year's Knitting Desk Calendar.

On my way out of a bakery there, on a streets of downtown Saratoga, I saw this site:

Yes, that's right: a pair of llamas, taller than me, in downtown Saratoga. You can imagine the astonishment of the shoppers that day! It's a good thing they are friendlier with people than alpacas because everyone wanted to pet them. They were so squishy!

*** Sorry about the awful quality of the pictures in this post. I forgot to bring my camera for the weekend (*sigh*) and was using my camera phone instead.


Bashirs_Momma said...

Hey! Love the llamas! Llamas are the best!! Well, after camels, but they're all camelids, so it's all good!

That looks like a llama in pyjamas...

Kathleen said...

I love Woodstock, VT. My Mother lives in Maine and I live in NJ. I usually drive up the thruway to Albany, NY and cut across VT & NH to get there. Woodstock is always a stop for hot tea or icecream depending on the season,as is the yarn store.