Sunday, November 19, 2006

Various, Mostly Unrelated, Knitting Notes

In my last post I mentioned a knitted brain in Toronto. While perusing some new blogs in the Knitting Bloggers Ring, I read that there is also a knitted brain at the Boston Museum of Science, as mentioned at Ethical Thought. I think the one in Toronto looks more realistic but both are pretty cool.

The Red Cross has a bunch of free vintage patterns on their site. Most of them don't have pictures, and a few were even written on before they were scanned. I would love to try one of them sometime. I have wanted to ever since I saw their Commemorative Knit Kit a while back. Someday I am either going to order this or at least try their sock pattern.

I am happy to see someone else working on the Frost Jacket. AJ has started it twice. This will be me soon... once I start it again after Christmas. Is anyone else out there working on this jacket? Even on the Knitting Nature KAL it doesn't seem like it. The assymetrical cardigan and the pentagon pullover seem to be the favorites over there. If anyone out there is working on it and has pictures on their blog, I'd love to see them... drop me a line!

I was looking at the Lacevember blog. I couldn't really have joined this year since my lace project is going slow, as I am concentrating on Christmas gifts for now. Hopefully I will get a chance to join this next year. There is a lot of beautiful work going on over there.

Remember my lace baby blanket? Well, the other day I recieved a surprise in the mail (which I then scanned): a picture of new baby Daphne wrapped in the blanket. Isn't she precious?

In other lace news, I am more than halfway done with the silk lace scarf that I mentioned a while back. It has taken a while because it is sort of my travel project. It only really gets worked on when I am waiting for my gas to be pumped (yes, I live in NJ) or something like that.

By the way, I love Woodstock Wool Company's new site. It is so much easier to navigate. Their bare alpaca line is so soft! I have a skein that is waiting to be made into their Ribbed Cable Scarf.


AJ said...

I feel so special being mentioned...though not for me being knitting pattern competent! LOL. The pattern is working!!! Just remember that the two X's are two different decrease methods and they DO matter! Good luck with your projects, you have a lot of lovely items going!

Kirsten said...

The photo of baby Daphne wrapped in your lace blanket is precious.

Cristina said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog. it looks awesome & all the little clickables on the left side make navigating really easy.