Sunday, December 17, 2006


I recently came across a great tutorial on making a zippered pouch at Twelve22. This might be a good use for some of the fabric scraps I've acquired recently, along with the small pillow I plan on making. Now, I know my $9.99 sewing maching can't handle much, but we'll see what happens. I bought it a while back to see if I would enjoy sewing, which I always wanted to get into and which I hadn't done since making the stuffed dog in 8th grade home economics. I haven't tried out much on the machine yet but now that I have some fabrics I'll get to test it out more.

Also, I love Anna's quilt that she made last year. I have never been a quilt person, instead preferring big, lumpy, feathery duvets, but this is beautiful. It is made with what I consider to be very 1940's style patterns and a simple color scheme, which makes for a vintage look that I love. It reminds me of the style of my grandmother's kitchen when I was young. I am sure I have said this before because many things remind me of this like lacy doilies, embroidered tea towels, and the flower patterning of this quilt.

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cristina said...

hey! this was the same tutorial that i learned on. its a good one..easy to follow and modify. good luck!