Monday, January 01, 2007

After Christmas Updates

I went home to mom's house for the holiday and stayed for a few days. The tree was beautiful, as always, but looks pretty much the same every year. I have no idea how my mom finds the perfect tree every single year.

This is Debbie. She has become sad since mom took the counters out (her usual perch) and put in a pedestal sink. So she is reduced to this:

Look at that face!

And here she is in a stand-off with a squirrel on the porch:

I went shopping with my sister and mom on the 26th and found these great gloves at Ann Taylor. I love how they sort of look vintage because of the semi-long cuffs with buttons and ruffles.

Right before Christmas, I stopped by The Loopy Ewe and got these great sock blockers, as well as some Soak Wash that I have been hearing so much about.

I stopped by Barnes & Noble the other day and found some cute cards on sale, both very cheap, and that I love (again) because they are vintage-looking. I don't know when I will ever use Halloween cards but I thought they were pretty cool.

Other than seeing my best friend who is 6 months pregnant, the other highlight of my trip was hanging out with my email knitting buddy. She gave me these beautiful stitch markers that she made as a gift.

We stopped by Saratoga Needle Arts, the Stitchin' Post, and had some great Thai food. It's always nice to have a friend who appreciates yarn and who can understand knitting lingo. On our excursion I got all this yarn, as well as Socks and a back issue of Vogue Knitting.

Madil Kid Seta

Rowan Kidsilk Night

Fortissima Cotton

Mountain Colors

One of my favorite finds was this Stained Glass Hat Kit from Saratoga Needle Arts. Their knit-up model was so pretty I just had to buy it. It contains partial skeins of assorted Malabrigio and Manos del Uruguay yarns.

I have been working on various other projects during my vacation, including taking apart this sweater. It is almost completely apart now. More pictures after washing.

Here's a preview of a couple projects that I can't show for a couple months. First, a duck, which is puckered a bit, but it doesn't look as bad as in this picture.

Second, a preview of another project that you knitters may recognize:

Third, I started and finished knitting these on Christmas Eve and felted them on Christmas. This pair is for myself. After the two pairs I made for my brother and uncle, I decided I needed a pair for myself.

I bought a bunch of fabrics (yes, more) from Purl Patchwork. I love these cute little ornaments shown in Cutting Edge Magazine. It turns out that, yes, my tiny craft sewing machine actually does work, even for fabric. I made some pillows, but they are going to be redone. I'll post pictures then.

Other vacation "projects" include making light meals to freeze for lunches, like cheesy mac & cheese from Shape or Fitness magazine. Also, I have been catching up on my Netflix, including watching The Godfather II and 2001: A Space Odyssey (did anyone understand the ending of this???). Obviously I am getting pretty low on the list... oh well, I think some new movies are coming up soon.

Oh, and lots of blog reading (there's not much to do at mom's house other than laundry and knitting). I love Sandy's striped and fringed Irish Hiking Scarves (original pattern here). She also showed a bunch of socks that she was gifting for Christmas with these cute sock bands [pdf] from MoFo Design.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Wow, what a yarn haul--and those other goodies too (those gloves are awesome!).