Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Knit From Your Stash 2007

Wendy has started this group, which I found out about via Tres Chic Veronique, who by the way, has enough yarn in her stash for 26 sweaters(!) among other things. I think this is fitting for me. The rules basically say to knit from your stash for 9 months. This was a little longer than I had planned on going, but we'll see how it goes. One of the funniest rules is:

I love this button, which I assume Sheri made for this group. I think I might be able to do this based on these rules. Wendy's plan was made for 9 months so that she could go to Stitches East in October. Even if I go to some fiber festivals this summer, I think I might be able to only buy accessories and sock yarns, if I am so inclined. I wonder how much money I'll save this year? I guess there's no way to know since I have never tallied what I spend on yarn.

I had planned on putting together a picture page of my stash with information about everything (i.e. what it will be used for, etc), and I did start taking pictures a few weeks ago. However, I don't know when I'll get those up, so I might just do what Veronique did and take an "inventory" based on what I can knit out of my stash. I have a feeling I may be embarrassed by what I find, but hopefully it is not as bad as I am thinking. Coming soon!

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