Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Not too long ago (although longer than I had hoped) I had promised to tell you about my weekend. Well, that weekend was two or three weeks ago now. I had read an article in Country Living Magazine, which I never read, and which is not really my style (decorating or otherwise), but which I somehow ended up reading anyway. The article was about the Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market in Lambertville, NJ complete with pictures of the author's purchases. Not realizing, of course, that this is the same town I had visited over the summer with my email knitting buddy, I decided to drive down for lack of something better to do.

It was a very dreary day, so there weren't many vendors there, but it was definately fun to explore, especially all the vintage linens. I bought a few things but I can't wait for a warm sunny day to go back. Maybe my email knitting buddy will go with me sometime...(hint, hint)?

Anyway, the town is adorable , and from what I understand has recently gone through its own little renaissance. You kind of pass downtown Lambertville on your way to the flea market, so I visited there afterwards. It is filled with tons of antique shops, more than I've ever seen in one place- even more than Tarrytown, NY. Some are small and junky and dusty, and others are extremely large with tons of antique vendors all in one building. Also, some were very cheap (for antiques anyway) and some were very expensive. I had bought a couple hankies at the flea market for less than $4 each. I went into a little shop in town and similar hankies were selling for nearly $30 each!

This adorable little town (even on this dreary, rainy, and later, foggy day) took me so long to go through that when I found out that just across its bridge is New Hope, PA, I was wishing I had crossed earlier. It was too late by this time, and my feet were hurting, so I didn't stop to explore further, but New Hope looks like Pennsylvania's answer to Woodstock (NY, that is). Very cute, with lots of arty and hippie-type shops, and people milling about everywhere. Between the two towns, you could spend a whole weekend shopping and enjoying the views.

Bridge to New Hope

Lambertville Train Station (now a restaurant)

Antique Shops

Between the flea market and downtown, I brought home a few little treasures. The three tools on the left are all crochet hooks, believe it or not. The hooks are so small they are hard to see in the picture. Next is what I believe is a yarn darning needle. The last tool on the right is something called a sewing "stiletto", or so I was told by the dealer who knew nothing else about it. The four tools on the right came all together and I bought them for the hooks, so that's why I am unsure of the rest of what I bought. All of these are made of ivory or bone, or some of both.

Antique Sewing & Crochet Tools

These are some keys that I bought from the same dealer as the left-hand crochet hook. I have seen some craft projects using keys like these, and while I can't think of exactly what to use them for right now, I know I will see something in a magazine one of these days. There was actually a craft project in that same Country Living Magazine using keys like these, but nothing that's my style.

Antique Skeleton Keys

These are the hankies I mentioned. I love the punch needle embroidery on the top one. It is so small and intricate and amazing. The other one is plain white with some lace edging that someday I may try to embroider. I don't know why I am into linens like hankies, gloves, tea towels, and table runners lately but I suspect it is the yarn diet... you know lack of fiber. Actually that's not true. I have loved things like this for a long time, but only antiques or just very intricate things, not just your basic linens from the local Target.

Antique Embroidered Hankerchiefs

Close-up of the Punch Needle Bouquet

One of the few non-antique shops I went into was called Fiddleheads. This was a very cool gourmet food and flower shop on the main street. I actually didn't buy any food or flowers there. I did, however, get a few packets of lavender wash powder for delicates (only a knitter would understand and appreciate a product like this, I think) and a lavender candle. I love lavender. When I was going to yoga-lates regularly (and for the record, I will be returning as soon as things slow down at work), the instructor rubbed lavender oil on our temples when we were relaxing with our eyes closed at the end of the session... it is so calming. Last summer I had made some lavender lemonade and it was so yummy!

So, I obviously watch too much TV, even now as I write... Here's what I am thinking about:
1. I really want to see that new show Spring Awakening as soon as half price tickets show up at the TKTS booth. The music is by Duncan Sheik and I really like the looks of the choreography on the commercials, as well as one of the guys' voices.
2. How many "past lives" has Rosie had on Will & Grace? I have thought about this many times... every time Karen says something like "I saved you from the streets of Mexico" or some such nonsense, and Rosario says "You pulled me out of business school, you witch". Tonight (in repeats, of course) it was something like: "Here are Rosie's things... [thing1], [thing2], and here's her diploma from University of Texas Medical School," or something like that... anyone remember any others?

And in knitting news...

I cast-on for, and then frogged, the Shedir hat... again. This time, I was paying attention to what I was doing and so the cables were not the problem. I realized though that I wanted to do one less repeat than the pattern called for. Also, the booga bag's body (tongue twister?) is finished, but the i-cord handles are not. I am slow on both of the projects because I want to wait for my next knitting group since these are things I can work on while chatting (well, only the cast-on and first eight rows of Shedir).

I am waiting for the yarn I ordered to finish up another project. It should be here in a day or two.

Also, here's a preview of an FO:

I will have full details in a few weeks after they have been gifted.

The new surprises are up at Knitty! I love both of the sweater's in this quarter's surprise. Thermal is a basic scoop neck sweater with a waffle texture similar to that of long john's (long underwear). The other sweater, Dragonfly, is very cool. The "shaping" is all in the decrease in needle and yarn size. This one looks like it might be a bit complicated. When I first looked at it, I thought there was only the large "dragonfly" in the center front. Then I realized that the entire bottom of it has smaller dragonflies all over it. The stitch pattern looks... interesting, to say the least.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what nice pics you took. I love little towns.

Kirsten said...

Lambertville is a chaming little town. When my son was 3 or 4 I remember his joy at walking across that bridge and arriving in another state. It thrilled him so much at the time.
If you go again, allow time to stop in Frenchtown, another charming town a little north of Lambertville. In Frenchtown you will find The Spinnery. She sells, yarn, fleece, wheels, and looms. A wonderful place with a knowledgeable and kind owner.

Cara said...

Thanks for the memories! I haven't been to New Hope in ages!