Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Crafty Stuff

I actually have a bunch of pictures to post of last weekend's outing, but I don't have time to post them now. So, I just want to post the many links I have piling up that I want to keep track of.

First, I was looking for ideas for recycled sweaters that do not involve felting. This seams to be rare. I have an Old Navy sweater that is nearly brand new, but stained. It is acrylic or some such thing and machine washable (and so, of course, not feltable). The only idea I could find was a coin purse made with a lining so that felting is not necessary. Any other ideas out there?

Also, I am loving these paint chips cards, especially since I deal with these kinds of materials on a day-to-day basis in my day job.

Here's another sewing tutorial for a lined drawstring bag.

I think this calendar page at craftlog is so cute!

Hopefully I will have some time to come up with something more substantial to say in my next post.


MaryEllen said...

I saw some cute toys made out of recycled sweaters at Uncommon Goods - I don't think the fabric would have to be felted.
Or maybe the sweater could be turned into a pillow cover, with an applique to cover the stained part...

cristina said...

all good ideas. i think you can basically use non-felted sweaters for any project as long as you secure the threads by running it in the sewing machine first.