Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Projects

I finished taking apart and unraveling this sweater that I posted a week or so ago. I had never tried doing this before. I was inspired at some point by Brooklyn Tweed and when I saw this 100% shetland wool sweater at a vintage clothing store in downtown Saratoga for only $12, I nabbed it. Since it was a [presumably men's] size large, it turned out to be a lot of good wool.

After carefully using my seam ripper on the seams, I started unraveling. There were parts that were unsavable, like around the collar, because I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to take it apart. Remember here, that this was a somewhat old sweater, seams just beginning to be felted together, and old, fragile wool. So, I gave up on some parts. I got a lot out of it though. I haven't figured out the yardage on it, but I suspect that I have more than enough for a woman's sweater (which is probably not what it will become).

Anyway, after cutting, unraveling, winding on my arm, and tying it up in skeins, I washed it using Soak soap and hung it to dry. The first color I washed was the off-white and so much gray came out that I thought that the sweater must have been filthy. I realized after washing all colors that it was all (or mostly at least) dye. It is amazing how much dye came out. Maybe it had never been washed before?... a possibility since it actually looked barely worn.

Here's the result. It looks like less than it actually is because I have the skeins piled on top of each other. Six colors- off-white, gray, black, maroon, hunter green, and navy. Anyway, we will see what this becomes.

In knitting news, I started Clapotis. This is the Autumn House Farm yarn I bought from Rhinebeck. I am working it on my size 6 ebony needles that I bought in Maine. This is where I was as of last night, along with my beautiful new stitch markers. I am much further along now.

I also started the very beginnings of the Shedir Hat.

Here is the picture of my newly sewn pillows that I promised. The pillow forms are the $2.99 ones from Ikea and the fabric is Anna Griffin for Windham Fabrics Sloane Pattern #24610. I love this fabric. I bought it a week ago at Purl Patchwork.

I am about halfway through finishing my Wild Stripes blanket. I sewed on the piping today and pressed it. Hopefully next weekend I will sew the lining to the knit fabric.

I have so many projects suddenly on the needles and more that I can't wait to start. Even as I am telling myself that it's after Christmas and I need to stop and just knit some things for myself, there are things I am thinking I need to start for other people. I was reminded just today that my great aunt will be 90 next month and preparations for the event are under way in the family. I have been wanting to knit something for her and my grandmothers for a while, but I have never found anything great (other than small things like dishcloths) to make them. I thought that I would make my very small grandmother something from Vintage Knits- a cardigan, but found I have absolutely no appropriate yarn for the pattern. I can't break my yarn diet already. So, I am thinking of alternatives...

Anyway, that's all for now. It's getting late and while I had a relatively productive weekend (including far more reading than usual), I have gotten nothing done to prepare for work tomorrow.


del said...

What cute pillows--that's a great fabric! And that yarn you recycled looks yummy--that's a wonderful idea.

cristina said...

wow - you've been a bizzy bizzy little bee. is'nt unraveling fun?