Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

This is my fourth post today! A record for me (I think)!

After my recent stash enhancement expedition, I think it's a fitting time for a yarn diet. I have actually been planning this for a couple months now. I probably have enough yarn to last me for the next five years (at least). In the next few months, we will see how true this is. I wonder how much I will be able to knit through if I don't buy any more yarn until, say, the end of March... or maybe the end of June...? I have a feeling not much, since knitting is a relatively slow process. Well, the plan is for the diet to go for three months, but I hope to be able to go until much later in the spring. I don't actually expect to be able to refrain during the summer months when fiber festivals are in season, though.

My other resolution (other than the forever-resolution to lose weight) is to have a far better 2007 than 2006.

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Cristina said...

happy new year. the Santa Cruz hoodie came out beautifully.

p.s. i dont know about the new blogger - but i switched over before i had a chance to try it mainly due to blogspot frustrations. i'm sooooo happy i did.